Henry Grindon

Technical Assistant, NUCS Core Facility

Henry Grindon is a Technical Assistant at the Nuclear Science Center (NSC) and began in June of 2022. He is currently enrolled in the chemical engineering department and is in his Junior year, with plans to obtain a minor in mathematics. Henry currently assists the research team with preparing material to be irradiated, producing procedures for experiments, and maintaining machines and lab spaces. He plans on obtaining his reactor operator license next year after completing the student reactor operator training at WSU. Henry is also the Industrial Representative for the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, as well as an active member of both the Water Resources and Renewable Energies club on campus. He is eager to assist the NSC’s research and hopes to aid in its future success. 

Office: 50B Dodgen Research Facility | Phone: (509) 335-8641 | henry.grindon@wsu.edu