Dodgen Research Facility & NUCS Fulmer Access Request


Please use the following form and submit to request access to the Nuclear Science Center and associated laboratories in the Dodgen Research Facility or NUCS Fulmer B3.  A PI or PI designated laboratory manager may request and approve for a person (student, post-doc, WSU faculty collaborator) to have access to the building and to only the PI laboratory.  Once that person no longer requires access, or that access status has changed in any way, the PI or laboratory manager must contact NSC immediately at  Thank you for your support!

Please be aware of the following prior to requesting access:

  • The individual must have a need for access to the Dodgen Research Facility.
  • Mandatory annual safety and security meetings will be conducted by the NSC staff at the facility.  Attendance is required.
  • In order to gain access, the individual must have a “prox card” version of their Cougar Card, OR if the Cougar Card is a credit card combination, a unique prox card issued by WSU.  Either is free to the individual and can be obtained in the Cougar Card center located on the bottom floor of the Compton Union Building (CUB).
  • The individual will need to make an appointment to meet with an NSC staff member.  To schedule an appointment, email after the form has been submitted.
  • Access credentials (prox card) must be visible while at the facility.  NSC can provide lanyards if needed.
  • All visitors must wear a visitor badge at all times while in the facility and must sign in.