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Our team


Nuclear Science Center, Dodgen Research Facility

(509) 335-8641 |



Corey Hines | Director – NSC User Facility Program Point of Contact

Carlie Jackson | Fiscal Specialist

Rachael Bergman | Office Assistant

Taylor Bartoschek | Office Assistant


Operations and Laboratories

Tyler LaVoie | Research Project Engineer, Senior Reactor Operator

Hillary Bennett | Reactor Supervisor, Senior Reactor Operator

Maddison Heine | Research Operations Engineer, Senior Reactor Operator

Bryant Tanner | Reactor Technician 1

Matt James | Technical Assistant, Reactor Operator

Joseph Cummings | Reactor Operator

Rachael Bergman |  Technical Assistant


NSC User Facility Membership

Jim Boncella  |  Professor, Chemistry

Xiaofeng Guo |  Assistant Professor, Chemistry

John McCloy  |  Professor, Materials Science & Engineering

Liana Moreau  |  Assistant Professor, Chemistry

Di Wu  |  Assistant Professor, The Gene & Linda Voiland School of Chemical Engineering & Bioengineering