meet our

Team Members



Corey Hines

Director, Nuclear Science Center & NUCS Core Facility

Zach Heiden

Associate Director, Nuclear Science Center & NUCS Core Facility

Janice Meeuwsen

Fiscal Specialist

NUCS Core Facility and Reactor Operations

Hillary Bennett

Reactor Supervisor, Senior Reactor Operator

Z. Beadle

Reactor Operations Engineer, Safety & Experimental Design

Clark Filip

Reactor Operations Engineer, Maintenance & Operations

Saba Albarati

Scientific Assistant, NUCS

Aaren Smith

Technical Assistant, NUCS

Layla Lumzer

Technical Assistant, NUCS

Edward Noriega

Technical Assistant, Reactor Operator

Bryan Chang

Technical Assistant, Reactor Operator

Derrick Adams

Technical Assistant, Reactor Operator

NSC User Facility Membership

Jim Boncella

Professor, Chemistry

Xiaofeng Guo

Assistant Professor, Chemistry

John McCloy

Professor, Materials Science & Engineering

Liane Moreau

Assistant Professor, Chemistry

Di Wu

Assistant Professor, The Gene & Linda Voiland School of Chemical Engineering & Bioengineering

NRC Licensee Community

The TRIGA reactor at the Nuclear Science Center, previously the Nuclear Radiation Center, at Washington State University has been utilized for research and educational projects since its establishment in 1957. While the reactor has grown both in maximum licensed power level and in scope over the years, our core mission to provide quality nuclear products, services and education to the global community has remained constant. The unique and dedicated staff members of both past and present have been critical in the facilities success and drive over the years. In order to continue to serve the core mission of developing the next generation of the nuclear science workforce, we at the Center want to stay connected to the ever growing NSC team and staff and develop a network of reactor operators, researchers, and staff members.

Please follow the link below to stay connected with the ongoing reactor operations, research experiments, and student development. Thank you for your continued support to the WSU Nuclear Science Center!