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Nuclear Science Center


The Washington State University Dodgen Research Facility is located in Pullman, WA.  The facility houses the Nuclear Science Center which maintains oversight of WSU’s 1 MW TRIGA research reactor.  The Center is a multidisciplinary teaching, research, and service endeavor designed to make high impact contributions to nuclear science, national and international security, nuclear non-proliferation, and emergency readiness.


The WSU Nuclear Science Center (NSC) provides a collaborative environment where WSU faculty, staff, students, and clients can succeed in their basic and applied nuclear science research goals.  The NSC prepares WSU students for successful entry into the scientific workforce, provides the pathway to discovery in novel research, and makes impactful contributions to science and to the people who work and study here.





WSU students train to become U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission licensed reactor operators and senior reactor operators for our reactor.  The Center also provides support for faculty, undergraduate students, graduate students, and postdoctoral research associates.


We believe that education about what we do and what this facility contributes to the national and international community is vital to our success.  Community outreach and education are considered one of the most powerful and influential missions of our center.  Tours of the facility and reactor are available to the community, students, teachers, and professors, free of charge.