All WSU Students Welcome

Applications for the Fall 2023 student reactor operator training program are due by August 4, 2023.

Classes are on Tuesday/Thursday 3:30 – 5:00 PM at the Dodgen Research Facility

The Nuclear Science Center offers a rigorous reactor operator training program to students of all disciplines.


  1. A student currently enrolled at WSU.
  2. Able to commit to three hours of class and several hours of hands-on reactor operator training per week.
  3. Able to commit to a one-year post license period to serve as a WSU Nuclear Science Center reactor operator.

Students demonstrating successful completion of training will sit for the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission reactor operator licensing examination. Upon passing the licensing examination, students must be willing to work part-time at the reactor facility for at least one year. The reactor staff is willing to work around your schedules to provide the best learning experience possible.

There is no course registration number, as this is something more akin to working in a research laboratory. Some academic departments give credit for directed individual study; this course qualifies for credit in that sense and must be arranged with the academic department.