Rachael Bergman

Assistant Scientist, NUCS Core Facility

Rachael Bergman currently works as an assistant scientist at the Nuclear Science Center (NSC). She graduated from Washington State University with bachelor’s degrees in both chemistry and biochemistry along with a minor in mathematics. At the NSC, Rachael works on sample preparation for ongoing research projects and data analysis. She also assists with the operation of various spectroscopy equipment, including several High Purity Germanium (HPGe) detectors and a powder x-ray diffractometer. Her introduction into the field of nuclear science began with her employment at the NSC in 2019, which has inspired her to further explore the field. Rachael was recently accepted into Washington State University’s Chemistry PhD program starting in August of 2022 where she hopes to continue to focus on research topics related to radiochemistry.

Office: 50B Dodgen Research Facility | Phone: (509) 335-8641 | rachael.bergman@wsu.edu