Reporting a Safety Concern at NSC

There are several avenues to reporting safety concerns at WSU, specifically at NSC and the NUCS Core Facility. The NSC Safety Concern Report is a way to communicate safety concerns to NSC management and the Safety, Health, and Security Level 4 Committee. The SHS Committee will address the concern, in writing, and present the concern for discussion at the Reactor Safeguards Committee quarterly meetings. The RSC is the safety committee chartered with the safety and operations of the Nuclear Science Center reactor facility.

If you wish to leave your name in order for NSC to contact you for more information, you may choose to leave that information in the description. To report a safety concern observed in the Dodgen Research Facility or the NUCS Core Facility, please fill out the following form:

Safety Concern Report

Building Location of Safety Concern(Required)

Max. file size: 195 MB.

SPPM 2.52: Reporting Hazards

University personnel observing serious safety concerns affecting or potentially affecting University employees are to immediately contact:

  1. immediate supervisor; and
  2. the unit administrator (NSC Director,, and/or
  3. Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S); telephone 509-335-3041.

Reporting Hazards Caused by Contractors

If University personnel observe serious hazards to University employees created by building or construction contractors, the personnel are to report the hazards to Environmental Health and Safety; telephone 509-335-3041.

Environmental Health & Safety coordinates with either Facilities Services, Capital or Facilities Services, Operations to communicate the safety concern to the contractor.

WAC 296-800-120

Employees may discuss and participate in any WISHA safety and health-related practice and may refuse to perform dangerous tasks without fear of discrimination. Discrimination includes dismissal, demotion, loss of seniority, denial of a promotion, harassment, etc. (see chapter 296-360 WAC, Discrimination) pursuant to RCW 49.17.160 for a complete description of discrimination and the department’s responsibility to protect employees.