Small- and Wide-Angle X-ray Scattering (SAXS/WAXS)

The NUCS Core Facility has a Xenocs Xeuss 3.0, which is capable of measuring particle size distribution ranging from few nanometers to more than 350 nm in diameter, crystallization rates and lamellar structure of semicrystalline polymers, the size and shape analysis of surfactants or proteins in solutions, the organization and orientation of nanomaterials at atomic or nanoscale, in bulk phases or at surfaces, the phase segregation studies of alloys, and in situ studies of nanostructure transitions. This instrument has four X-ray sources, copper and molybdenum X-ray sources for SAXS measurements, a focused copper X-ray source for grazing incidence measurements, and a copper X-ray imaging tube for imaging a multi-phase material allowing to the ability to probe each phase of a multi-phase material.

Please note that there are additional requirements for training, access, sample submission, and analysis of radioactive samples.

To gain access to this instrument in order to run samples yourself, please check to see if your PI has filled out the NSC User Agreement. If your PI has completed an NSC User Agreement, then please request access or schedule training on the Xenocs Xeuss 3.0 HR below.

Funding for this instrument was provided by the M. J. Murdock Trust, Grant #SR-202016425.