Safety, Health, & Security Committee (Level 4)

The University has implemented a network of safety, health, and security (SHS) committees, organized into four levels. Together, the committees engage and coordinate WSU administrators, campuses, colleges, departments, programs, students, and employees to sustain and improve WSU’s commitment to safety and a culture that emphasizes safety. Level 4 SHS Committee for the Nuclear Science Center meets four times per calendar year. Meetings are held at the Dodgen Research Facility, Room 218.

The next NSC Level 4 SHS Committee meeting is October 24, 2023 at 11:00 AM.


  • Z. Beadle, Reactor Operations Engineer, Nuclear Science Center – Reactor Operations Staff Representative
  • Clark Filip, Reactor Manager, Nuclear Science Center – Reactor Operations Supervisory Representative
  • Bryan Chang, Senior Reactor Operator, Nuclear Science Center – Reactor Operations Student Representative
  • Zach Heiden Associate Director, Nuclear Science Center (NUCS Core Facility) – Research Representative, Committee Chair
  • Corey Hines, Director, Nuclear Science Center & NUCS Core Facility – Administrative Representative
  • Liane Moreau, Assistant Professor, Chemistry – Faculty User Representative