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Student Operator Successes

Senior Class of 2021

Joseph Cummings

Joseph has graduated Summa Cum Laude with a degree in Physics. After graduation, Joseph will be joining the NSC as a full time Reactor Technician. His experience as a TA will be incredibly useful to the team as he will take over as the lead instructor for the Student Reactor Training Program. Joseph will be studying over the coming summer to take his SRO upgrade exam in August of 2021 with the U,S. Nuclear Regulator Commission.


Matthew James

Matt has graduated with two degrees, one in Physics and the other in Mechanical Engineering. His passion to understand how things work has been hugely impactful in improving electrical schematics and reactor console wiring. He has also used that curiosity to write his thesis on machine learning applications for reactor fuel inspections. Matt has accepted a job with Amazon at a data center in his home town of Reston, VA as a field engineer.


Zach Spargur

Zach has graduated with a degree in Chemical Engineering. His interests in Electrochemical Engineering, Interfacial Phenomena, and Upstream/Midstream Technology has lead him to becoming a Reactor Operator and an undergraduate research assistant with Dr. Di Wu’s thermochemistry group. His research includes the use of halloysite nanotubes loaded with metal-organic frameworks to preferentially adsorb radioactive Iodine produced by the fission of U-235.

Summer Internships

Zee St. Hilaire

At the USNRC, Zee was assigned to the Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation, Division of Advanced Reactors and Non-Power Production and Utilization Facilities, Advanced Reactor Technical Branch (NRR/DANU/UART). They are responsible for assisting the branch in technical reviews of advanced reactor designs which are going through licensing or pre-licensing activities. This involves reviewing white papers or topical reports submitted by industry stakeholders for accuracy and regulatory compliance


Sophia Rubero